Pricing and Policies

VERY AFFORDABLY priced at $1.50 per linear foot per month!
($30.00 minimum)

24-Hour access, fully enclosed / gated facility.
On-site office staff can assist you! Please call 303-833-2185

Rental Fees are priced at $1.50 per linear foot. ($30.00 Minimum)

Now accepting Boats, RV's, Trucks, Trailers, Autos, Machinery, etc.
Please call for specific needs.

Rent is due and payable on the First Day of Each Month. New automated billing system allows payment to be made online, stopping in office with payment or by mailing check to the WCR 15 Boat and RV Storage mailing address of 5770 CR 15, Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621. You will receive an email invoice for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual rent, your choice.  There is NO grace period. If any rent due under the Rental Agreement is not paid within (10) days after it is due, the Lessee will be denied access and agrees to pay Lessor a late fee administrative charge of fifteen ($20.00).  In addition, a two-dollar ($2.00) per day commencing on the 11th day after the rent is due: said fees shall continue until the rent due is paid in full.  The Lessee understands that the rental charge is based on a full month's rent, and that NO REFUNDS of rental charges will be made if the Lessee does not occupy the unit for a full month. A Twenty-Dollar ($20.00) fee will be assessed for all returned checks.
Rental agreement terms are subject to change by Lessor and written notice to Lessee thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the change. Lessee must notify Lessor prior to the effective date of the change if he/she does not wish to accept the change and wishes to vacate the unit instead. If the Lessee does not sntify the Owner of the Objections to any changes in the Rental Agreement terms, it shall be considered as acceptance of the change. If the account is paid ahead, the monies will not be refunded if the lessee decides to vacate the lot.  Manager must be notified in writing thirty (30) days before vacating the space.